The Day Before: Everything we Need to Know

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The Day Before: Everything we Need to Know

In January last year, Fntastic made an exciting announcement about their upcoming game, The Day Before, a zombie-themed post-apocalyptic survival MMO. While Fntastic has kept many specifics about the game close to the chest, the information released thus far has generated considerable excitement among gamers.

The visuals and atmosphere of The Day Before, as seen in the trailers, have drawn comparisons to The Last of Us. However, The Day Before distinguishes itself as an MMO, promising a different gaming experience from Naughty Dog’s narrative-driven masterpiece. For those eager to learn more, here’s what we know about The Day Before so far.

Set in a post-apocalyptic America, specifically a deserted New York City, The Day Before challenges players to scavenge for essentials like food, weapons, and other resources in a bid to survive against both the infected and other human survivors. The game’s environment promises diversity, featuring both the urban sprawl of New York and forested areas for exploration. A notable highlight from the trailers is the expansive, five-story shopping mall, fully explorable and likely to be a hotspot for thrilling combat encounters.

The trailers also showcase the game’s richly detailed world, hinting at a gaming experience that mirrors the third-person perspective of The Last of Us. For gamers looking to get a sense of The Day Before’s gameplay style, playing The Last of Us and its sequel could be an excellent way to gear up for Fntastic’s upcoming release.

What is The Day Before?

The official description of The Day Before offers an intriguing glimpse into the game’s premise: “You wake up alone in a world you no longer remember, setting out to find answers and the resources to survive.” In this game, players are plunged into a post-apocalyptic landscape overrun by zombies. Survival hinges on scavenging for supplies, seeking refuge in deserted houses and buildings, and contending with the infected. But the challenge doesn’t end there; players must also navigate the treacherous dynamics of competing survivors, all vying for the same precious resources in this new, harsh world.

Trailer and Gameplay Overview for The Day Before

Accompanying the announcement of The Day Before, developer FNTASTIC released a captivating trailer, providing a sneak peek into the game’s meticulously crafted environment. This preview not only showcased the PvE and PvP aspects of the game but also revealed that it would be played from a third-person perspective, featuring elements familiar to fans of modern third-person MMOs.

The game is set to offer a challenging experience, as highlighted in the trailer where players are shown to be vulnerable to just a few bullets. FNTASTIC has also shared insights into the game’s underlying philosophy, focusing on the complexities of human nature in a survival scenario. While cooperation against the undead will be a theme, players must also brace for potential hostility from others in their struggle to survive.

Distinctive to The Day Before, compared to other MMOs, is its emphasis on exploration and survival. Players can collaborate with friends to navigate the expansive open world, utilizing a variety of vehicles that not only aid in exploration but also add efficiency, especially given the ability to enter individual buildings. The trailer reveals that the game boasts highly realistic graphics, complete with richly detailed environments and sophisticated character designs.

A standout feature highlighted by FNTASTIC is the diverse array of in-game vehicles, as demonstrated in a gameplay clip featuring two vehicles traversing a muddy terrain. This footage impressively shows the vehicles leaving distinct tracks, a testament to the game’s attention to detail. Such graphical intricacies not only enhance visual appeal but also open up possibilities for more nuanced gameplay, with the potential for players to track and hunt each other based on these environmental clues.

The Day Before Combat

The combat trailer for The Day Before, viewable above, showcases similarities to The Last of Us in terms of combat style. A notable moment towards the end of the trailer is the player executing a finishing move on an opponent. The developers have confirmed that the game will include a variety of finishers and takedowns, which vary based on the equipped weapon. Additionally, weapons in the game are highly customizable, allowing players to enhance them with attachments found during their explorations, a feature common in many modern FPS games.

In The Day Before, the decision to treat other players as friends or foes lies in your hands. The game incorporates in-game voice communication, providing an opportunity to negotiate with other survivors, potentially forming new alliances. However, vigilance is key, as some players may adopt a more aggressive approach, opting to shoot on sight—a common element in survival MMOs. A unique aspect to be mindful of is the in-game weight system: the amount of gear your character carries affects the noise they make while moving, adding an extra layer of strategy to looting and exploration.

The Day Before Colonies

Struggling to survive solo in The Day Before? Consider joining a colony. The developers have included safe-zone hubs in the game, designed as spaces where players can gather, socialize, and form groups. These zones also serve as marketplaces, where you can trade or sell your collected loot to other players or NPC vendors. Furthermore, these NPCs are expected to offer quests, potentially rewarding players with in-game loot. While it’s not confirmed, this aspect might resemble the quest system in the tactical shooter Escape from Tarkov, though this remains speculative.

The Day Before offers flexibility in gameplay style, whether you prefer to navigate the challenges alone or with a group. The game caters to a range of survival MMO playstyles. For those who relish independence, you can even live as a nomad, setting up your own small dwelling in the wilderness. Indeed, the game includes a base-building feature, which adds another layer to the survival experience. Let’s delve deeper into this aspect next.

The Day Before Building & Vehicles

The Day Before is set to feature vehicles, an element showcased in a trailer specifically highlighting the driving mechanics. The developers have pointed out that vehicles, when appropriately equipped, can navigate through challenging terrains like mud. However, it’s important to note that using vehicles can attract attention due to the noise they make. This could be a strategic consideration, especially for players in groups or colonies, who might use vehicles for efficient travel between their wilderness bases and urban areas.

In the latter part of the release date trailer, there’s a brief look at the game’s base-building feature. While detailed information on this aspect is scarce, the developers have indicated that they’re not aiming for a traditional resource-based building system. This suggests that base-building in The Day Before might differ from the systems found in other survival games like Rust or Ark: Survival Evolved, where constructing something like a wall requires a set amount of materials like wood and stone. The exact nature of this system remains to be seen, but it appears to be steering towards a unique approach.

The Day Before Game Engine

A pivotal development for The Day Before is its transition to Unreal Engine 5, a move that has necessitated pushing the release date to March 1, 2023. This decision, though causing a delay, is widely supported, as the developers believe that “the shift to a more advanced and adapted open-world engine will greatly enhance the gameplay experience.” The trailers certainly seem to affirm this, showcasing impressive gameplay that benefits from the engine’s capabilities.

Another exciting aspect of this upgrade is the elimination of loading screens within the game, except for the initial entry into the game world. This means that players can expect a smooth and uninterrupted experience as they navigate through various environments, including buildings, hubs, and safe zones, all without the disruption of loading interruptions.

For those eagerly awaiting the game’s release, the developers have also announced plans for an open beta of The Day Before. This step is crucial for ironing out any bugs and fine-tuning the game before its full launch. While a specific date for the open beta hasn’t been announced yet, it’s expected to be close, so fans should stay tuned for upcoming details.

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