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The Day Before: Trailer

The initial debut trailer for The Day Before surfaced in 2021, offering the first glimpse of what the MMO would entail through a gameplay demonstration. The trailer provided a narrated exploration of various in-game locations, featuring activities such as scavenging for items like a cowboy hat, engaging in combat with the infected, and participating in player-versus-player combat. This first look was enough to evoke comparisons to The Last of Us and The Division. The trailer’s script was particularly striking, ensuring it left a lasting impression. Building on this initial introduction, a subsequent trailer was released, showcasing the game’s post-pandemic world’s environments, enhanced by the graphical prowess of ray-tracing.

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  1. Rainey06 says:

    I thought it was an AI voice over the trailer too. Doesn’t Steam specifically restrict/reject the use of AI in your product (which includes promotional material)?

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