Is The Day Before Available on Game Pass?

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Is The Day Before Available on Game Pass?

Players eager for the release of The Day Before, an ambitious entry in the open-world survival genre, are curious about its availability, particularly regarding Game Pass. Here’s the current status.

As of now, The Day Before is not slated to be part of Game Pass upon its release. Fntastic, the developer, has stated that while the game will be accessible on Xbox Series X|S and PC, there are no immediate plans to include it in Microsoft’s subscription service. Instead, The Day Before will debut on Steam as an early access title, allowing Fntastic to refine the game with feedback from the community. Given that this is Fntastic’s first major game release, the studio is keen on addressing player feedback and suggestions for the final product.

While it’s possible that The Day Before might join Game Pass after its early access period, this remains speculative. Although many developers and publishers have utilized Game Pass as a launch platform, especially for games with limited marketing budgets, the significant attention The Day Before has already garnered may make a Game Pass debut less crucial at this stage. The game aims to attract a specific audience, particularly those seeking an alternative to games like DayZ, and its popularity seems well assured among this demographic.

The Day Before promises a novel experience in the post-apocalyptic MMO survival genre, inviting players to explore the remnants of New Fortune City. In this world, players face not only infected creatures but also the challenges posed by other survivors, making survival a complex and perilous endeavor. Players can build a safe home, stockpile resources, and arm themselves for protection, echoing a more accessible version of DayZ.

However, The Day Before has faced its share of controversies, including issues related to Fntastic’s use of “volunteer” labor, multiple delays, an engine switch, and concerns raised by a less-than-stellar demo. These factors have led to some skepticism about whether the game will meet the high expectations set by its initial reveal.

The Day Before is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on December 7, 2023, initially in early access.

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