The Day Before Tops Steam’s Most-Wanted Game List

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The Day Before Tops Steam’s Most-Wanted Game List

The Day Before has secured its position as Steam’s most coveted game, as indicated by the platform’s list of upcoming releases. Despite a delay from its initial November 11 release date, anticipation remains high for its rescheduled December launch. This post-apocalyptic MMO has captivated fans with its promise of a redefined survival experience set on the US East Coast, post a catastrophic pandemic.

Highlighted on its Steam page is the game’s central theme: survival in a world where every choice matters. Fntastic, the developers behind The Day Before, have chosen to release the game in early access to better navigate unforeseen challenges and to fine-tune the game with community input. This decision seems to be resonating well with the gaming community, judging by the support it’s receiving.

Steambase’s rankings show The Day Before leading the pack of upcoming games, with a follower count on the Steam Community Hub nearing 250,000. This impressive following outstrips competitors like Nightingale, Enshrouded, and Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader by a significant margin. In addition to being the most-wanted, it’s also near the top of Steam’s most wishlisted games.

However, The Day Before’s journey to the top hasn’t been smooth. It’s faced copyright issues and delays, leading to a somewhat rocky development path. Now, with a new target release date of December 7, 2023, fans are both excited and apprehensive about the game’s final form.

The Day Before promises a rich multiplayer experience in the ruins of New Fortune City. Players can expect realistic combat, quest completion, shelter building, vehicle acquisitions, and encounters with deadly infected. The game’s expansive world, ranging from skyscrapers to malls, provides a backdrop for survival and community building, including the construction of private homes in safe zones like the Woodberry survivor colony.

As the December 7 release date draws closer, anticipation builds for players eager to delve into the survival challenges of The Day Before’s post-apocalyptic world.

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